Student Life

At St. John the Baptist Catholic School, student life is more than academics. We provide an array of rich opportunities for athletics, extra-curricular activities, leadership, service, and a supportive community that makes every child’s experience special.


Through participation in organized sports, the athletic program at St. John the Baptist Catholic School is designed to contribute to the health, well-being, citizenship and character development of our students.

St. John the Baptist participates in sports programs offered through the Archdiocese and other participating Catholic schools. Third and fourth grade students participate in the Widget League; Junior Varsity (grades 5 and 6) and Varsity (grades 7 and 8) participate in the Catholic Schools Athletic League (CSAL). Both leagues offer girls’ softball, boys’ baseball, boys’ and girls’ basketball, and boys’ and girls’ volleyball. St. John the Baptist Catholic School also participates with other Archdiocesan and non-Archdiocesan schools in Cross Country Running.


As with all talents, we strive to instill in our students a sense of gratitude for the special gifts they have been given and to inspire in them a desire to use their talent for the uplifting of man to the glory of God.


We lend our voices and hearts daily to support our faith. Some of our music programs include:


Weekly Student Masses

Christmas Program in December

Private lessons available upon request

Annual Spring Musical Production in grades 4-8th

Visual Arts

Our visual arts program provides a creative and enriching art curriculum that includes knowledge, skills and concepts in an age-appropriate manner. Programs include:

Exhibits during the year

Personalized artwork in support of the St. John the Baptist Catholic School Spring Auction fundraiser

St. John the Baptist Catholic School offers additional, extra-curricular opportunities in both visual and performing arts. These activities provide young artists with other avenues for exploring and developing their creative talents while giving the entire school and parish community the chance to appreciate those talents.

Enrichment Program

The St. John the Baptist Enrichment Program is an innovative, educationally oriented program established to enhance and expand the abilities and experiences of the children enrolled in our school.

The Enrichment program offers students a variety of extracurricular classes that take place on campus after school hours. Class schedules change and include such offerings as Art, Cooking, Robotics, Sewing, Chess, and more.