Early Learning Center

St. John the Baptist Catholic Early Learning Center

St. John the Baptist Catholic Early Childhood Program offers a high-quality, faith-based early childhood education that is fun, nurturing, and cognitively stimulating to set a young child on a path to academic success. Children are engaged in cognitive, social-emotional, and spiritual development.

A Catholic education is unlike any other learning experience. We educate to develop the whole child. We promote the knowledge of faith in every experience. Our goal is to lead children to appreciate God’s goodness, value God’s world and the people in it, form good habits and help those in need.

What greater gift can you provide for your child than the gift of knowing Jesus and encouraging a love for Him?

Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten options:


For students who will be 3 years old by December 1st. This class will provide an environment in which the students can learn a successful transition from home to school atmosphere. The focus of this class is early learning encompassed in a nurturing environment. Children must be potty trained; however, we expect accidents occasionally!

3 days a week (TWR) 8:00 – 11:30                   $4,125

5 days a week (M-F) 8:00 – 11:30                     $5,000

3 days a week (TWR) 8:00 – 3:00                    $6,325

5 days a week (M-F) 8:00 – 3:00                     $7,450


For students who will be 4 years old by October 1st. This class will prepare children for Kindergarten the following year. Learning opportunities will include both teacher-guided and child-guided experiences that contribute to the children’s development and learning.

5 days a week (M-F) 8:00 – 12:00                   $5,600

3 days a week (TWR) 8:00 – 3:00                   $6,325

5 days a week (M-F) 8:00 – 3:00                     $7,450

Please contact our Early Learning Center Director, Karen Gorman at kareng@johnthebaptist.org or (303) 776-8760 to set up a tour or start the
process for registration with the 2024-2025 application link through the FACTS website.

Teachers: Our team of teachers is committed, energetic, and dedicated and comes with a wealth of classroom and early childhood experience as well as exceptional credentials in specialized areas. All staff members meet and/or exceed requirements set forth by the Colorado Department of Human Services and Office of Early Childhood and Education. In addition, all staff members participate in at least 12 hours of professional development each year.

Class Size: There is a certified lead teacher and assistant to each classroom. We prefer to maintain a class size of exact or less the recommended ratio for students to adults, so that we can give individual attention to each child.

Flexible Schedule: You can choose the schedule that best meets your family’s needs with our flexible schedule. Choose any mornings of the week (academics are the main focus) and then supplement the day with the afternoon enrichment that includes lunch, rest and activities including library, games, gross motor and additional center activities. We can also accommodate requests mid-year if you want a longer part of the day to finish out the year.

Uniform: Our uniform policy is similar to the K-8 th grades to build community and pride. It creates equity among students, a valuable reminder that all children are equally precious in God’s eyes.

Program Additions: We are part of our larger school community! Pre-K children will have Mass buddies on all-school Mass days. We go on field trips and offer “special visitors” to help add to our themed weeks. We offer events to bring families together including Thanksgiving Feasts, Christmas Program, Mother/Father Day, and family trip day.

Curriculum: Our program follows the curriculum designed by the Office of Catholic Schools. Children can explore their world with creative play while developing the vital learning skills and academic concepts they need as they continue their school journey. We also add additional academic skills to teach the development of each child. Our teachers, who prepare little hearts and minds to love God and love all people and recognize each child as a unique creation of God and help them celebrate their gifts.

Family Testimonials

We live in Longmont, own a local small business, and are parishioners at St. John the Baptist. We want to express our wholehearted recommendation for St. John the Baptist Preschool, a place where we have seen our children thrive over the past four years.

St. John the Baptist Preschool has consistently impressed us. The teachers communicate effectively, tailoring their approach to each child’s unique needs. They strike a perfect balance, challenging our kids academically while providing the support they require. As a pediatric occupational therapist, Jordan finds the emphasis on play-based learning, fine motor development, and social interaction invaluable in preparing our kids for kindergarten.

What truly sets St. John the Baptist apart is its commitment to moral and religious foundations. Beyond academic and social success, the school places the highest value on virtue and faith. Children not only learn the foundations of our Catholic faith, but also develop a personal relationship with Jesus and the saints. In a world that often challenges these principles, we find the sacrifices for a Catholic school education at St. John the Baptist to be absolutely worthwhile.

In conclusion, St. John the Baptist has been pivotal in setting our children on the path to success. We highly recommend the school to those seeking a nurturing, faith-centered environment.

Nate and Jordan Golter


We have had 3 kids in St. John’s preschool for the last four years and we have loved every minute.  The preschool program forms the whole child. All the teachers understand child development and do an amazing job teaching through play.

There is a huge focus on social skills which prepare the kids to be ready for kindergarten. The teachers model and teach strategies to the students that we now use at home. The teachers also do a great job introducing academics in a fun hands-on way. Faith is included in all they do.

Our kids were excited to go to school every day. Our kids learned kindness, love, patience, responsibility, and independence. Teachers spend so much time with our kids in these formative years and we are blessed and proud that St. John’s partners with us to raise our kids in this world.

Jackson and Lauren Powell


It is with great excitement that we have the opportunity to write to you today about our family’s experience at St. John the Baptist Preschool.

Having moved to the Longmont area halfway through the school year at the end of 2021, we were apprehensive for our four-year-old to start a new school so far into the year. Honestly, we were quite sad to be leaving our former preschool community that had loved and nurtured our older children so well and did not think we would be able to find another school and teachers that were comparable. However, as in all things, The Lord not only provided but far exceeded what we could have hoped for!

St. John the Baptist Preschool and its staff are truly a gift. Through our children’s attendance in the program over the last few years, we have seen their confidence and abilities grow as they were more than adequately prepared with the necessary skills to excel in elementary school academically, socially, and spiritually. Most importantly, we have been humbled to watch how their knowledge of our Catholic Faith and their personal relationship with Christ has been strengthened and supported. We cannot express the gratitude we feel for having such a partnership with teachers who love our children and want to equip them to have a successful educational career and for sainthood as much as we do.

We look forward to you joining our amazing faith family here at St. John’s and are confident in saying that you will not find better.

In Christ, Michael and Kelsey Lynch


The SJB preschool and pre-K program mean so much to our family! We have had two children go through so far and we are looking forward to sending our youngest. The teachers and staff put so much care and effort into compassionately educating and guiding each child.

We have loved the emphasis put on developing social/emotional skills. It is also very important to us that faith is incorporated into every day. The SJB preschool and pre-K program have brought a lot of joy to our children and I believe it has helped them develop a love of learning. It always amazes me how far they come in the span of a year, from not being able to write a letter to learning how to write their name.

I am grateful to the teachers for truly caring about my children. You can tell that any questions or concerns you have matter, and it is easy to communicate with the teachers and director. We have taken away many precious moments and keepsakes from our children’s time at school. It is a community of parents, teachers, and staff that we cherish.

Nina and Tanner Gasow