We chose St. John the Baptist Catholic School because they offer our children more than just an education. They teach our children as a whole: mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually. Not only are our children receiving an education, but they are learning how to be good human beings. Faith, morals, and values are the core of St. John’s. We made the choice to pay for private education because we wanted a stake in our child’s education and future. This school depends on parents’ volunteering time and talent, supporting our teachers and staff, and assisting with fundraising for school needs. The community is very close. The class sizes are small. Everybody is engaged in the education and spiritual journey of the child, from the child themselves, to the teacher, to the office staff, to the principal, to the parent, and all the way to the priests. We could not have asked for a more positive experience for our children.

– Mark and Meg Ward

We chose St. John’s because we were both raised with a Catholic education and felt strongly about how our experience formed us as people. We were looking for a school where our children would be taught by excellent teachers, experience small class sizes, and where they could learn and grow in their faith. St. John’s was it for us, the community is like another family! The warm welcoming atmosphere is second to none! Our children enjoy going to school every day and are growing daily as well-rounded respectful people. When their educational journey at St John’s is over, they will be more than prepared for the jump into high school, wherever that may be.

-Josh and Marcie Jany