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Oh my gosh - we have some very talented young people in our class!  Check out these performances from the 2015 Talent Show by clicking the Video link on the right side of this page!

Our second grade has been given a unique and precious opportunity to become connected with friends in Ethiopia, Africa.  Through a Catholic charitable organization called Lalmba, our students were given the privilege of learning about the lives of children halfway around the world - the things that make us wonderfully different, and the things that makes us all the same.  We learned how God's love shows itself to us in a million ways, but always in the ways we need it most!

Our popsicle sale netted more than $ 1,000 for these beautiful children!  Thank you to all the families who participated, and blessings to you!

So much to look forward to.  Thank you, as always, for the blessing of spending each day in the company of some of the best humans I know!  I love these guys!

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