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School Uniforms
All students in kindergarten through 8 grade are required to wear uniforms to school. Our students wear school uniforms in order to create an atmosphere appropriate for learning and to support St. John's School sense of community. A uniform appearance promotes a visible sense of school unity and identity. Uniforms help ensure that each of our student’s self-esteem comes from internal feelings of success and is not related to external accouterments  
Our clothing regulations are a reflection of the high standards expected the Archdiocese of Denver as well as Fr. Humberto, our pastor; Mrs. Kemmery Hill, our principal; our faculty, and our families.  
In addition to our everyday uniform, a specific uniform is required for Mass day each Thursday, on picture days, and for field trips.  
The following dress code is effective for all students from the opening day to the closing day of the school year:
  • All clothing should be of appropriate size, clean, and in good repair.
  • No hip huggers of any kind.
  • Dress slacks do not include jean type styles, cargo, painter, zip-off, or Capri pants.
  • Shirts must be worn completely tucked in at all times.
  • Hats, coats, and jackets must be removed in church and school.
  • A designated St. John's pullover may be worn in the classrooms--except on Mass days.

Hair, Cosmetics, and Jewelry

  • Only natural hair color is acceptable. No dyed, tinted, or colored hair is allowed. Boys will have collar-length hair or shorter.
  • Only natural looking cosmetics are allowed.
  • Jewelry may include one necklace, one bracelet or pin, and one ring on each hand. Girls may wear one pair of post or small hoop earrings (no larger than 3/4 diameter, the size of a quarter); boys may wear post earrings only. No cartilage piercing. No dangling earrings.
  • Shoes must be appropriate for the activities of the day.
  • All students must wear tennis shoes for P.E. class
  • Students may wear snow boots to school when the weather warrants it; however, they must change into school uniforms shoes for the classroom.