St. John The Baptist School

Penny Wars


The Penny Wars are over!  What an incredible battle.  


The Winner for the Elementary School:  

Mrs. Horning's 3rd Grade with 74,932 points 


The Winner for the Middle School:

Mr. Rosa's 8th Grade class with 62,609 points.  They probably would have won, but the class was such a target for sabotage that they just couldn't beat Mrs. Horning's class.  Mrs. Morris and Mrs. McGarey think Mr. Rosa’s class probably generated the most money overall.


The Elementary building will win the Grand Prize.  The Elementary School won with 291,217 and Middle School came from behind with -15,360 yesterday to finish with 260,379 points!  Unbelievable!


Mrs. Morris and Mrs. McGarey said all their hard work counting was "worth every penny"!


Total money raised today:  $6,910.48

TOTAL MONEY RAISED FOR THE WEEK.......drum roll please........


We are all in shock and full of gratitude!  Absolutely amazing!


Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Rosa the teachers and staff thank all of our families and students for their tremendous support of our first ever PENNY WARS!