St. John The Baptist School

Safe Environment Training

The mission of the Safe Environment Training Office is to prevent sexual, physical or emotional abuse and/or neglect of children and young people through continued education, building awareness, and maintaining a commitment to keeping all children and young people safe.
At St. John the Baptist Catholic School we are committed to protecting all children and young people by offering a Safe Environment Training that is mandatory for all volunteers who directly serve minors.  If you plan on volunteering at St. John's (and we hope you do!) please plan to attend a training session.  
Sessions are periodically offered at St. John the Baptist and St. Francis of Assisi for parents, youth. and those serving in ministries who work closely with children.  We will advise you when the next training session is scheduled in Longmont.  For sessions in the Denver area, please visit
Registration is required for all Called To Protect™ sessions in order to ensure adequate seating and a sufficient amount of session materials.  Please contact the hosting parish to register for the session. Session length may vary. Please inquire upon registration. 
Please continue to pray for the end of all abuse and a greater respect of the human person.