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Tuition Assistance

St. John’s is pleased to provide resources for those in grades K-8 wishing to apply for tuition assistance including FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment.  To be eligible to apply for FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment, parents must meet the requirements for affiliated Catholic tuition. Financial aid must be applied for by February 29, 2016.  

Preschool is not eligible for tuition assistance.  To apply for financial aid, please log in to your FACTS account at 

SECTION 7 of our K-8 Enrollment Packet concerns receiving the Catholic Affiliated tuition rate.  If you attend one of our many area Catholic parishes, we must have the signed Family Out-of-Parish Affiliation form returned to the school office by June 1, 2016, in order to receive the Affiliated Catholic rates.  If your family is registered at St. John’s and enrolled in Faith Direct, no form is needed.  We will verify this information through our business office.